You can input your card information for automated payments in the “billing” section in the portal. You are billed every Sunday for the products sold the week prior and have 7 days from the invoice generated date to pay before it’s considered past due.

There is a three-day grace period for overdue payments. If an overdue payment extends past the grace period, your account will be suspended until your invoices are up to date. Once payment is received, your account will be activated again.

Casestry offers a lifetime warranty with the purchase of any product currently offered by Casestry. “Lifetime” is described as the life of the product in relation to Casestry’s product catalog (i.e., product must still be offered by Casestry). To be eligible for the warranty, a Partner must:
  • Show that the product has been damaged through normal wear and tear.
  • Have purchased the correct product for the correct device.
  • Ensure that the identical product is still available in the Casestry Catalog

This warranty will only cover the replacement of the product - no refunds will be given. The replacement must be the same SKU, finish, and have the same design/artwork. If a Partner requests that any of these be different, then a new order must be placed, and the warranty will not apply.

Casestry provides no Warranty, expressly or otherwise, for any damage suffered to devices, device screens, or anything other than the product itself. The maximum liability for Casestry is up to - and limited to - the value of the original case or Product sold by Casestry.

Under certain circumstances, Casestry can offer reprints or refunds for Partner orders if there are order mistakes where responsibility lies with Casestry.

Casestry will cover the full costs associated with the reprint/reshipment, or full refund of an order under the following circumstances:
  • If there is a manufacturing or print defect with the product in the order, Casestry will offer a full reprint and reshipment. If a refund is requested, this option is only available within the first 30 days after delivery.
  • If the product received is not the product ordered, either in terms of form factor, coating, or printed design, Casestry will offer a full reprint and reshipment. If a refund is requested, this option is only available within the first 30 days after delivery.

Casestry will cover partial costs associated with the reprint or refund of an order shipped with a tracked service (exclusive of shipping costs) under the following circumstances which are based on based on the transit/delivery of goods. Note that packages are considered “lost in transit” when the product(s) in the order do not arrive at the shipping address provided within the maximum shipping/transit timeframes as provided by the shipping carrier, for that region. Please note that there may be variances in ship dates and these times are subject to change.

  • If the product in the order is received broken or damaged in transit AND reported to support@casestry within seven days of delivery to the end customer.
  • If the order is lost in transit and the initial shipping address for the order does not need to be changed.
  • If the order is lost in transit and the initial shipping address is incorrect, invalid, or marked undeliverable by the Carrier.

Casestry is unable to cover the costs associated with the reprint or refund under the following circumstances:

  • If Partner or Partner’s Customer do not like the product or design, and it was printed according to Casestry standards and considered free of defect.
  • If Partner makes any mistakes while creating the order, such as submitting the wrong image or incorrectly placing/rotating/sizing the image to be printed on the product.
  • If Partner or Partner’s Customer selects the wrong size, device, or product model when ordering the product.
  • If Partner links their external site to Casestry and SKU variants are transmitted incorrectly to Casestry.
  • If the tracking for the order shows delivery to the correct address, but recipient claims to have not received the package.
  • The order is still within the specified maximum production and shipping times for the products and Carriers utilized in the order.
  • Broken or Defective Sub accessories (Ring on AirPod Cases, Hardware on Watchbands, etc.). These items will constitute a replacement of the broken accessory only (whenever possible).
NOTE: Product(s) are printed using the image file that is provided by the Partner for production. The final product(s) color may vary from the presentation of the mockup but will always match the provided production file. When referencing quality/color accuracy of the case, always refer to the file that was sent for production and not the digital mockup for that file.
UV production is based on CMYK color and will be quality controlled as such. Computer monitors are RGB, and this should be kept in mind when referencing color for UV products.

Casestry is not responsible for Partner’s misrepresentation of materials, protection, designs, print processes or product features. This includes, but is not limited to designs such as wood, marble, leather, or effects such as Glow-In-The-Dark, Glitter, Holographs, etc. Refunds or reprints will not be offered in these instances.

To receive a Reprint or Refund, you must submit the following visual evidence along with original order details, to support your claim:

A photo of the entire product with the printed area fully visible.


A photo of the damaged area with the design in view.

If you received the wrong phone case, you need to provide photo evidence of the phone model. If an order is reprinted with upgraded shipping, Casestry does not cover the cost of upgraded shipping and the cost will be covered by you.

All shipping pricing and delivery times are different, it depends on the location, and the quantity of products in the package.
We use USPS First Class for domestic shipments and Ascendia EPAQ Plus for International. On average, you could expect delivery times of 1- 3 business days for domestic and 7-14 business days for International.
For more information, please see our Shipping Rates

Any order related issues should be directed to our Customer Service team at

Any sales related inquiries should be directed to our Sales team at

Casestry offers a variety of integration options including:

For more information and for help on choosing the method that is best for you, contact

We have a partial Etsy Integration.

When placing an order (Submit Order > Single Order) in the portal, you must input your Etsy order number without the #. Upon doing so, you must click “Pull from Etsy”.

This will automatically update your customer’s order information including Name, Address, and Quantity. The Product SKU field will show your store SKU ID, this must be changed to Casestry’s SKU ID to ensure the proper product is shipped.

Once complete, pressing the “Continue” button will allow you to review and place the order.

For more information, watch our video HERE

Yes. Once an account is made on our website, you will have access to all product mockups and templates under Products > Catalog.

You can also find our public Box folder containing assets for all of our products HERE

Some products include PSD files for more advanced users that gives access to multiple scenes and renderings.

Our standard packaging is a semi-transparent inner zip-lock pouch placed into a white polybag for shipping. An individual barcode label with your company logo is included on the inner pouch.

We use an auto-bagging system and that prints a label with your logo on each package. If requested, a packing slip is included containing the order information (with no pricing listed on the packing slip).

Large volume sellers may provide us with custom packaging, however a small fee will be charged for each package. For more details, send a message to