At Casestry, LLC., we are committed to social compliance and maintaining high labor standards in our operations and supply chain. Our social compliance policy encompasses the following key elements:

Continuous Improvement

We are dedicated to continuously improving labor standards in our supply chain, striving for better working conditions, ethics, health and safety, and overall employee well-being.

Framework and Objectives

We have established a clear framework for setting social compliance objectives and targets that align with our company's vision, values, and strategic goals.

Legal Compliance

We are fully committed to complying with all relevant legal requirements concerning labor standards and social compliance.

Senior Management Endorsement

Our social compliance policy is endorsed by our senior management, reflecting our organization's commitment to its implementation.

Roles and Responsibilities

We have defined and documented responsibilities and authorities for managers, supervisors, and employees to ensure accountability for social compliance. An individual or committee at the highest management level is assigned to oversee the social compliance responsibilities.

Implimentation and Communication

The social compliance policy is integrated into our Standard Operating Procedures across various departments. We regularly review and align our operational procedures with the compliance policy. We communicate the policy to all employees through employment contracts, the employee manual, newsletters/posters, and comprehensive training programs with documented records.

Procedures and Processes

We have established robust processes and procedures to support the implementation of the social compliance policy. These include hiring procedures, employee complaints procedures, employee discipline procedures, working hour control procedures, emergency preparation procedures, employee safety procedures, hazardous chemicals procedures, and corrective action processes.

Metrics and Monioring

We maintain metrics or key performance indicators to evaluate labor and health and safety issues. Regular management reviews are conducted to assess the effectiveness of our social compliance system

We strive to be transparent and accountable for our social compliance efforts. Our social compliance policy is publicly available to ensure stakeholders can access and understand our commitment to maintaining ethical and responsible practices.

Please note that this policy statement aligns with Casestry, LLC.'s vision statement, values, and strategic goals, ensuring our organization operates in accordance with our core principles.