The Team

Jacob Rasmussen

CEO | Co-Founder

Jared Marquissee

COO | Co-Founder

Zackary Rasmussen

CPO | Co-Founder

Le Zhou


Mary Snell

Director of Human Resources & Employee Wellness

Sean Savitt

Global Partnerships Manager

Nicole Marquissee

Sales Development Representative


Basement Photo

Casestry was founded in the hidden corners of a basement in late 2017. With our sights set firmly on the burgeoning Print on Demand market, our sole ambition was to redefine the eCommerce landscape. Our mission was clear; to provide unmatched value by offering high-quality, distinctive products to sellers, and deliver those products to the end customer with unprecedented speed.

In the beginning, our humble setup consisted of one machine, three computers, and an unshakable determination, fueled by a library of self-motivation books. It wasn't long before Casestry became synonymous with innovation and quality. We crafted our identity by building all of our processes, software, and products from the ground up, ensuring a unique and exceptional experience for our customers.

Climbing The

Second Facility

Word of our exceptional services spread quickly, igniting the need for swift expansion. Our catalog blossomed with new products, enabling us to reach broader markets. Periodic additions of more machines and automated processes meant we could offer quicker service to the end customer.

To The

Current Facility

Today, Casestry operates from a large production facility, bustling with the energy of thousands of orders produced daily. Our turnaround times are a testament to our efficiency, with orders fulfilled in under one day on average.

While our ultimate goal remains a beacon on the horizon, our vision, drive, and, most significantly, our partners, have propelled Casestry onto a promising path. Together, we are not just following the market trends; we are on an exhilarating journey towards becoming a market leader.

Join us as we continue to break new ground in the world of Print on Demand, and explore what makes Casestry a trusted name in eCommerce.