Who We Are:

Casestry is a B2B print-on-demand (POD) service that specializes in printing/personalization of mobile tech accessories on behalf of our partners, shipped white label under their brand and with their logos, using industry-leading dye sublimation and UV printing technologies to deliver superior quality products every day.

What Products We Offer (All Fully Personalized)

We print on the following products, delivering personalized POD solutions for our b2b partners with zero risk to them:

• Smartphone Cases for industry leading Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Devices - Slim, Tough, and Clear styles, with Gloss and Matte finish
• AirPod cases - full wrap printing, with Gloss and Matte finish
• Ring Holders - that attach to devices or device cases and assist with holding and viewing
• Drinkware - mugs, tumblers, and more!


Industry-leading print processes, coatings, materials, and technology


0-3 days average shipping time
Same-day integration options


40% lower B2B pricing than competitors
70%+ profit margins with zero risk or inventory


Direct access to all areas of the business
Fully customizable shipping labels and packing slips

Why We’re A Great Partner

No MOQ. Fast, tracked shipping. Lifetime guarantee. API integrations. Superior quality materials and processes. Aggressive pricing. High margins. USA-based.


Lifetime Guarantee

Our business prides itself on delivering a high-quality product consistent with your expectations. We understand that delivering goods in a drop ship model on behalf of your brand requires a level of trust in the end product.


Custom Assets

We allow partners the ability to customize assets, allowing a better experience for the end customer. This includes:

Packing Slip

This can be customized to include your logo and company information
For logo files, we recommend providing us black and white JPG images for best results.

Barcode Stickers

An internal barcode system is used for easy trackability and order identification labels are placed on each package.
This can also be customized to add your company logo.

Products Produced
Cups of Coffee
Years of Experience
Different SKUs


- Orders are typically placed using direct API integration or via Order Desk integrations.

- If you are unable to place orders either via Order Desk or a Direct API connection, we can offer a temporary CSV template option – please contact us for details and a copy of the latest CSV template.

- Full API integration is possible from Shopify, WooCommerce, and most other custom carts / shopping solutions, but will require development assistance from your end.

- Order Desk is the preferred order automation option for most partners that do not have internal developers or API specialists

Order Desk provides a “middleware” service with the below general workflow:

- Order Desk plugs into third party shops (like Etsy, Shopify, or WooCommerce), extracts orders and item details for products you’ve sold, and pulls them into Order Desk.
- Once in Order Desk, rules can be set to convert items and orders to the proper format needed by us as a Print-On-Demand partner, allowing you to attach the print-ready file links and transmit the orders to us.
- Our system pulls in those orders, processes them, notifies Order Desk of updates (order status, shipping confirmation, and tracking) and then this information can flow back into your store.

- These show you precisely how artwork needs to be sized for our print process. With full-wrap products, the file will always be larger than the back of the case, to accommodate the wrap area and bleed.
- Preferred image formats for full-wrap products are sRGB JPG, 300+ DPI. We accept a broad variety of image formats but for color consistency and sharpness of the print, the above is recommended.

- These are .PNG files which show you a blank product from a single back angle, and usually also carry some of the finish (gloss or matte) through when applicable.

- The purpose of these Mockups are to allow you to overlay your art on an actual case (or other product) and create a mockup of what the finished product would look like, so that you can show customers in your product listings or marketing

- Many partners request various product angle shots, so that they can help show their customers how the products look from different sides and use this content to create appealing marketing content.

- The Studio PSD files will display a large array of preset angles for our products, with masking capability to allow you to place flat artwork and have it distorted properly for the various angles. Basic PhotoShop knowledge is required to work with these files – if you have any questions, please let us know.

- As long as we received properly sized artwork and artwork of proper 300+ DPI resolution to support high quality printing, if your customer is dissatisfied with the product for any reason, or finds that it is damaged, or damages it themselves later on, we will gladly replace that product at our expense.

- We reserve the right to request supporting photographs of the issue and to request updated artwork if needed.

- Orders you submit to us are invoiced weekly with Net 7 terms

- Payment methods include PayPal, Bank Transfer, and Credit Card.