To Our Retail Partners,

As the holiday season accelerates, preparation is key to success. We understand that timely delivery is critical for your customer satisfaction and repeat business. Casestry is here to ensure that your inventory is stocked and orders are fulfilled in time for the festive rush.

Crucial Shipping Cutoff Dates for Holiday Orders

To maintain customer trust and avoid any disappointment, it's essential to be aware of the shipping cutoff dates. Our production schedule is designed to optimize delivery times, but due to the seasonal increase in demand, we rely on our shipping partners to meet these deadlines. Here are the dates you need to keep in mind:

Domestic Shipping Cutoff Dates:

Our standard domestic shipping service is USPS First Class/Ground Advantage, and express service is USPS Priority Mail.

You can read more about their holiday preparations and cutoff dates here

International Shipping Cutoff Dates:

We have a variety of international standard and express services avaiable. Reach out to for more information

Our Dedication to Your Business

At Casestry, we are dedicated to supporting your business during this critical period. We understand the importance of consistency and reliability, especially during the holidays. As such, we want to assure you that we do not anticipate any delays from our normal turnaround times, despite the increased holiday demand. We're scaling up our operations to meet your needs and maintain the efficiency and speed of our services. This commitment is part of our promise to help you capitalize on the holiday season's potential.

Let's Succeed Together This Holiday Season

As we approach the peak of the holiday season, our collaboration becomes ever more vital. By planning ahead with these shipping deadlines, you can assure your customers of the timely arrival of their purchases, enhancing their trust in your brand. We are here not just as your supplier, but as a partner in your success. Our unwavering commitment to maintaining our standard turnaround times during this busy period is a testament to our dedication to your business.

In addition to meeting shipping deadlines, we're also here to support you with any last-minute needs or special requests. Our customer service team is ready to assist with quick responses and solutions, ensuring your holiday sales run smoothly. Remember, successful holiday sales are not just about meeting demand, but also about creating memorable experiences for your customers, something we're proud to contribute to.

Thank you for your continued trust in us!

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